Hi, I'm James.

I've always dreaded that thing people do in social groups where no one really knows each other yet. You know the one. Someone will say, "Let's go around the circle and introduce ourselves." Immediately, I start doing some really quick math in my head and begin doubting every decision I've ever made.

"How many people before I have to speak?"

"I never should have agreed to come to this."

"What's my favorite ice cream flavor?" As if it's even possible to have one favorite ice cream flavor.

It's Jeni's, by the way. Every flavor of Jeni's. I just went to their website. They have a new flavor called "Sunshine" that is as grey as a rain cloud. What is that? I have no idea, but I want some!

If the only rule of this little ice breaker thing that we're doing right now was just "Say your name," that would be easy.

"Hi, I'm James."

But it's never that easy, is it?

Headshot of mid-30s man with short brown hair, groomed beard, black glasses and a purple workout shirt sitting in a chair and smirking
Hair by Kenny Kiser, co-owner at Studio K in Johnson City, TN

Look, the truth is I don't want you to know too much about me. That's not really why I'm here. And the reality is you don't need to know all that much about me.

Who I am is not important. Whose I am is the question you should be asking. I'm just a voice in the Cloud. One voice among many. You can listen to this voice or not. The choice is yours.

I'm not really here to give anyone any advice either. I'm really just here to document the conversations I have in my head.

If you must know, here are a few important things, as well as some less important things, about me.


I'm a husband.

I'm a father.

I'm getting older.

I have a dog named Mason. Don't worry, that's not my password to anything important.

I write code for money.

I write code for free.

I love photography.

I feel like I've shared too much already.


I hate Instagram's dark mode.

I used to hate coffee. Now, I drink at least two cups a day, but only if it comes with cream and lots and lots of sugar.

I like donuts.

I like ice cream.

I like homemade buttermilk waffles. Truthfully, I like 100% pure, Grade B maple syrup, with a side of waffles, but I thought you might judge me.

I love barbecue.

I love food, okay?

I don't work out as much as I probably should, but I do a lot of yard work. That counts, right?

I've started golfing. That's been fun.

I love Jesus, but only because He loved me first (1 John 4:10 ESV).

That's about all I've figured out so far.

As I learn more about me, I will update this page.

Also, I might not.

K, Good talk.