A New Voice Cries Out

The Internet is quite possibly the noisiest place on earth. Consequently, it is quite possibly the most divided place on earth. Why add to the discord, you might ask? I ask why not?

It is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand. It is not the old who are wise, nor the aged who understand what is right. Therefore I say, 'Listen to me; let me also declare my opinion.' — Job 32:8-10

Welcome to A Voice in the Cloud, a brand new online publication by me, James Trenda. Things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe in the meantime if you'd like to stay up to date and receive emails as soon as new content is published.


It’s been some years since I published my first blog post. It was a food blog. I started it because I enjoyed cooking and taking pictures, so it seemed like a good fit. And for a little while, it was.

I attracted a small following and was able to guest post on some larger blogs. I would name drop, but that would serve no purpose other than to inflate my ego. It was a lot of fun, but also kinda stressful. Eventually, I burned out.

This time around I hope to whip up something a bit more casual. No less flavorful, but something with a longer shelf life. Something that doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening. Something that can sit out at room temp without spoiling.

I don’t really want to put my voice out there again. I feel like I have to. I get these thoughts from time to time, ideas that I just can’t shake. Time will ultimately decide whether or not this was a mistake.

In the past, I would have allowed the pursuit of a perfectly designed website prevent me from publishing anything until everything was flawless. I’ve since learned that, sometimes, done is better than perfect. So I’m slapping a theme on this thing and calling it a day.

As time goes on, you may see some design changes around here. But this'll do for now.

Stayed tuned. Or tune out. Makes no difference to me.